Getting Through the Dark Night

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person sat in the dark looking hopeless and depressed

Not quite as obnoxious as a motivational poster, but almost. The business press, LinkedIn, podcasts, and social media influencers who pass off vapid platitudes as wisdom insist you are always supposed to strive, hustle, achieve, have a great attitude, and live your best life. If you are not, buddy, you are doing it wrong. Thank goodness they can help you … Read More

How to Gain Wisdom

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an owl signifying wisdom.

“Wisdom is earned, not given.” That famous quote is from Dante. Yes, that Dante. Fair enough. But you can earn it through study, focus, and reflection. You might ask yourself, “Okay, that’s nice. But why does wisdom matter?” The greater wisdom an individual has in life and business, the less they will be swayed by emotions –one’s own or someone … Read More

Unleash Innovation

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person writing on glass board, making calculations, implying innovation

You say you want creativity and innovation. Not to be rude, but are you sure? We’ve heard this rah-rah from business leaders for a few decades now when it comes to innovation not much seems to change. People like the idea of innovation, not the practice. When leaders, especially mid-level managers who are highly motivated never to look bad, see … Read More

Finding a Place to Plant Roots

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a lone tree growing out of rocky ground

Embarking on an Amtrak train journey across the Western United States, I was struck by three distinct aspects that made this trip unique. It is slow. The United States is behind most developed nations when it comes to rail infrastructure. The California Zephyr, the train that travels between Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area, is not what anyone would … Read More

How a Pathfinder Mindset Helps with Remote Working

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woman working on a laptop at the kitchen counter

Is the remote working genie out of the bottle? Permanently? It looks that way anecdotally as well as analytically (based on recent analysis by Bloomberry of job postings and hiring trends data from While some workers miss the social environment of an office, a number of high-profile executives complain about remote worker productivity, and more companies are seeking to … Read More

Reflect on This

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Woman sat on a bench reflecting on the world around her.

One of the greatest tools to move ahead in your career is also one of the best tools to improve your life in general—personal reflection. Not as sexy as an MBA, but there you have it. Reflection is a practice that transcends religious boundaries and has been around since ancient times. And, trust us on this one, the ancients were … Read More

Emotional Intelligence: The Critical Strength of Pathfinding Leaders

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a man leading a meeting and exhibiting the qualities of emotional intelligence

Being “data-driven” and “reasonable” are seen as hallmarks of modern leadership, but this completely ignores the reality that we humans are unavoidably and obviously emotional. This raises some obvious questions: how ‘reasonable’ is it to ignore clear facts? Isn’t it far more ‘reasonable’ to face reality (however inconvenient) and make the most of it? Leaders in general – and Pathfinding … Read More

Self-Awareness – Avoiding the Rocks of Misalignment

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sea crashing onto the rocks

In our last post we discussed growing your career through acceptance and how acceptance begins with self-awareness. Here we look at how you become self-aware and then use the knowledge of any blind spots you may have to avoid sailing your career onto the rocks of misalignment. If you’re that Big Co salesperson attracted by a wheelbarrow full of share … Read More

Growing Your Career Through Acceptance

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a darkly lit cave that may or may not have a bear in it

This is your daily reminder: you are not good enough. While you might not suck—might not, but who are we kidding—you are in danger. You need to improve your skills, grow your network, increase your leadership capacity, gain deeper insight into the market and your competition, learn A.I., master interpersonal dynamics and office politics, figure out how to “add more … Read More

Navigating Corporate Politics: A Survivor’s Guide (Part 2)

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a typewriter with the word "Diplomacy" types on a piece of paper.

Last week, we started to talk about how to survive office politics. Our first tips were: Reframe politics to diplomacy. Develop strong relationships. Distinguish between office politics and horrible behavior. Know what you can control. Get a coach or mentor. Some of you noted that we left off drinking as a coping mechanism, and we are sorry that it won’t … Read More