Reflect on This

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Woman sat on a bench reflecting on the world around her.

One of the greatest tools to move ahead in your career is also one of the best tools to improve your life in general—personal reflection. Not as sexy as an MBA, but there you have it. Reflection is a practice that transcends religious boundaries and has been around since ancient times. And, trust us on this one, the ancients were … Read More

Helping Your Team Develop Practical Humility

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Successful teams are often characterized by a wide range of skills and talents. While these diverse skill sets can be a tremendous asset, they can also lead to ego clashes and a lack of humility within a team. Many of us have battle scars and stories about dealing with these types of teams. Humility, however, is a crucial trait that … Read More

Practical Humility in Business: An Individual Guide

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a small plant growing out of the sand

People on social media who have small to no filters gain massive followings. Politicians who scorch all norms win office. We hail famous jerks in business. In today’s attention-is-considered-an-asset world, humility can seem as quaint and outdated as an IBM Selectric typewriter. But our research has found that practical humility is an incredibly powerful tool for personal and professional growth. … Read More

Lord, It’s Hard to Be Humble

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At The Right Five and The Pathfinder Company, we know that it’s a balancing act between showing confidence and having practical humility. This is especially true when talking to bosses, funders, or potential clients. Like an attorney, you often have to put your best face forward. That doesn’t mean ignoring challenges or problems with products—or your own skill set—it just … Read More