Charting the Path for Your New Year

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“Beware the Ides of January.” That should be the warning for people starting the New Year with new goals. It’s about this time in January the enthusiasm for those run into the realities of life. And, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, the cold and dark of January isn’t helpful. We know from personal experience and good research that … Read More

Empowering Teams for Success: How Managers Can Foster Consistency and Reliability

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hands holding post-it notes stating: Done, Doing and To Do.

Leaders think this is something that they shouldn’t have to do. People “should be” consistent in their delivery with quality and timeliness. Welcome to the real world. Underperforming teams often get assigned new leaders to turn them around. So, what’s a leader to do? Often, their role isn’t just about tracking outputs, but more crucially, it’s about fostering an environment … Read More

Helping Your Team Develop Practical Humility

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Successful teams are often characterized by a wide range of skills and talents. While these diverse skill sets can be a tremendous asset, they can also lead to ego clashes and a lack of humility within a team. Many of us have battle scars and stories about dealing with these types of teams. Humility, however, is a crucial trait that … Read More

Fostering a Culture of Responsibility and Accountability: Empowering Your Team for Success

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An image of a person with a post-it note and the words "It Starts With You".

As a manager, one of your most critical responsibilities is to guide your team towards greater levels of responsibility and accountability. A high-performing team that collectively embraces these qualities is not only a tremendous asset to your organization but also a reflection of your leadership skills. Here are some strategies and tips for you to help your team embrace greater … Read More

Building Team Confidence: A Guide for Managers

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the word 'possible' written on a blackboard indicating confidence.

When was the last time you felt encouraged, supported, and seen by your supervisor? If you are like most of us, it doesn’t happen often. In the corporate world, there seems to be a belief that compliments and support are precious and finite commodities to be used very sparingly. Or bosses are afraid if their employees think too much of … Read More

Fostering Genuine Positivity: A Managerial Guide

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a person facing the sun rise with arms out spread - indicative of a positive attitude

As a business manager, it is imperative to foster a positive working atmosphere that not only boosts the morale of employees but also enhances their productivity. In the process, it’s essential to avoid resorting to trite phrases or empty slogans that often lead to eye-rolling rather than genuine inspiration. The following guidelines will assist managers in cultivating authentic positivity within … Read More

Building Your Team’s People Muscle

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3 people sat in a business meeting with big smiles on their faces and clearly enjoying each other's company.

Even in our technologically advanced world, relationships matter. Delivering results but trampling over everyone in the process is not a recipe for long-term success as a team or a business. A team or company culture that can prioritize genuine care for colleagues and customers can not only enhance overall performance but also create a more enriching and sustainable work environment. … Read More

How Managers Can Foster Intrinsic Motivation in Their Team

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Managers play a crucial role in molding and nurturing their teams. The ability to inspire and motivate is vital, not just for achieving short-term goals but for long-term team cohesion and productivity. One of the most powerful types of motivation is intrinsic motivation – the drive that comes from within, rather than from external rewards or pressures. Here’s how managers … Read More

How Leaders Can Create a Culture that has a Bias for Action

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If you want flowers to grow, you better have good soil. Cliché? Sure. True? Absolutely. If you want your team to develop a bias for action, a leader has to create an environment where that is possible. An inherent “bias for action” within employees – the drive to get things done, make decisions, and take the initiative – can be … Read More