Pathfinders do not accept the status quo. They innovate and find a new way.
They create a path that benefits not just their own journey, but all others that follow.

Who needs a Pathfinder?

Every organisation needs a Pathfinder.
If you're innovating with new products, markets or org. structures, then YOU need Pathfinders.

Self-managed companies

In self-managed companies everyone needs to be a Pathfinder to deal with and flourish with the autonomy provided while dealing with increased responsibility and accountability.

New products/markets

Today's rapidly changing global landscape demands companies explore new products and markets. The associated, launch commercial activities demand a Pathfinder mindset.


Is there anything more uncertain than a startup? The lack of resources requires people to be self-directed, i.e. to just get on with tasks and figure it out as they go. That's another trait of a Pathfinder.

Meet The Pathfinder Company

The only assessment platform to help you identify, recruit and retain Pathfinders.


Based on our extensive experience and industry research, we have found a pattern for what constitutes the right mindset and skillsets for Pathfinders. We have codified this pattern and developed an assessment that identifies Pathfinders.


Use the assessment as a pre-employment screen for candidates applying for specific roles and the product dashboard to explore each candidate fully and compare the relative Pathfinder merits of competing applicants.


How do you ensure your current team are in the roles most suitable for them? Do you have Pathfinders in rules-based roles? And vice-versa? Improve retainment levels by properly identifying those who are Pathfinders.

Start Your Pathfinder Journey!

Throughout 2023, selected pilot companies experienced firsthand the transformative power of the Pathfinder Assessment. Now, after rigorous testing and refinement, we are excited to offer this statistically validated tool to pioneering startups and visionary self-managed organizations. Streamline your hiring process and align with your forward vision by empowering your team with Pathfinders who are ready to contribute from day one.
Don't miss the chance to redefine potential and performance in your organization. Contact us today to learn how the Pathfinder Assessment can revolutionize your recruitment and team development strategies. Let's embark on a journey of discovery and growth together!