How to Gain Wisdom

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an owl signifying wisdom.

“Wisdom is earned, not given.” That famous quote is from Dante. Yes, that Dante. Fair enough. But you can earn it through study, focus, and reflection. You might ask yourself, “Okay, that’s nice. But why does wisdom matter?” The greater wisdom an individual has in life and business, the less they will be swayed by emotions –one’s own or someone … Read More

Emotional Intelligence: The Critical Strength of Pathfinding Leaders

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a man leading a meeting and exhibiting the qualities of emotional intelligence

Being “data-driven” and “reasonable” are seen as hallmarks of modern leadership, but this completely ignores the reality that we humans are unavoidably and obviously emotional. This raises some obvious questions: how ‘reasonable’ is it to ignore clear facts? Isn’t it far more ‘reasonable’ to face reality (however inconvenient) and make the most of it? Leaders in general – and Pathfinding … Read More