Getting Internal Communications Right

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illustrating a leader communicating with their team (one to many skittles)

It’s one of those skills everyone says is important, but few ever invest time or money to get better. Communication. So, rather than fight how the world actually operates, we will just give you some very quick tips on how you can improve your communication efforts with audiences internal to work. One-And-Done Doesn’t Work There is a persistent attitude that … Read More

Navigating Cross-Cultural Leadership: The Pathfinding Approach

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hands across the table demonstrating multi-culturalism.

In today’s interconnected world, effective cross-cultural leadership is more crucial than ever; business transactions span continents and team collaboration transcend borders. Much of this has been driven by technological advancements that have reduced the practical barriers as never before: Video conferencing, instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, and translation tools such as Google Translate and ChatGPT have opened new vistas. Moreover, … Read More

Unleash Innovation

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person writing on glass board, making calculations, implying innovation

You say you want creativity and innovation. Not to be rude, but are you sure? We’ve heard this rah-rah from business leaders for a few decades now when it comes to innovation not much seems to change. People like the idea of innovation, not the practice. When leaders, especially mid-level managers who are highly motivated never to look bad, see … Read More

What’s the Half-Life of Your Hard Skills?

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a computer screen showing programming skills and personal skills

Are they are trying to tell us something? “The half-life of hard skills has already decreased to 2.5 years.” Recruiting Future with Matt Alder, Ep 602: The Skills Mismatch In Hiring “Companies hire based on hard skills, but promote based on soft skills.” Recruiting Future with Matt Alder, Ep 602: The Skills Mismatch In Hiring “What’s Wrong with Bias? It … Read More

How Managers can Mentor Pathfinders

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two people sat at a desk, one of them is clearly mentoring the other.

What’s the best way to mentor people? When we say mentor, we mean someone who provides guidance, advice, and support to someone who is usually younger than us. Mentoring comes naturally to some; the rest of us have to work at it. While there are several excellent books on the subject, none have addressed the best way to mentor a … Read More

Finding a Place to Plant Roots

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a lone tree growing out of rocky ground

Embarking on an Amtrak train journey across the Western United States, I was struck by three distinct aspects that made this trip unique. It is slow. The United States is behind most developed nations when it comes to rail infrastructure. The California Zephyr, the train that travels between Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area, is not what anyone would … Read More

How a Pathfinder Mindset Helps with Remote Working

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woman working on a laptop at the kitchen counter

Is the remote working genie out of the bottle? Permanently? It looks that way anecdotally as well as analytically (based on recent analysis by Bloomberry of job postings and hiring trends data from While some workers miss the social environment of an office, a number of high-profile executives complain about remote worker productivity, and more companies are seeking to … Read More

Reflect on This

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Woman sat on a bench reflecting on the world around her.

One of the greatest tools to move ahead in your career is also one of the best tools to improve your life in general—personal reflection. Not as sexy as an MBA, but there you have it. Reflection is a practice that transcends religious boundaries and has been around since ancient times. And, trust us on this one, the ancients were … Read More

Emotional Intelligence: The Critical Strength of Pathfinding Leaders

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a man leading a meeting and exhibiting the qualities of emotional intelligence

Being “data-driven” and “reasonable” are seen as hallmarks of modern leadership, but this completely ignores the reality that we humans are unavoidably and obviously emotional. This raises some obvious questions: how ‘reasonable’ is it to ignore clear facts? Isn’t it far more ‘reasonable’ to face reality (however inconvenient) and make the most of it? Leaders in general – and Pathfinding … Read More