Trust: The Oil in the Productivity Engine

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hands holding post-it notes stating: Done, Doing and To Do.

My name is Neil and I used to work in Health & Safety. Not someone with a high visibility vest, hardhat, and clipboard telling people to stop doing something, more of an analyst trying to understand trends, particularly the prevention of injuries and fatalities. Why does Spain, for example, have more work-related injuries/fatalities per 100,000 workers than, say, Denmark? Maybe the … Read More

Individual Skillsets to Help Deal with AI

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man winding his analog wrist watch

How would go about repairing a wind-up watch? Wait, what? I thought this column was about Pathfinders and artificial intelligence. Hang on, it is, we will get there. First, the watch. Odds are, unless you are of a certain age or a connoisseur of watches, you don’t wear one anymore—if you ever did. It’s a one function device in a … Read More

Lord, It’s Hard to Be Humble

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A man looking up at the "infinite" night sky

At The Right Five and The Pathfinder Company, we know that it’s a balancing act between showing confidence and having practical humility. This is especially true when talking to bosses, funders, or potential clients. Like an attorney, you often have to put your best face forward. That doesn’t mean ignoring challenges or problems with products—or your own skill set—it just … Read More

Personality, Tests, and Pathfinders

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The words "Who Are You" spelled out in wooden tiles

Business leaders need to understand their team’s personality, drivers, and skills to optimize team dynamics, enhance communication, and foster a productive work environment. Personality and skills assessments can serve as valuable tools for business leaders to gain insights into their own and their team members’ unique traits and characteristics. When considering a personality assessment, it’s essential to differentiate between those … Read More

Finding a Path to Pathfinders

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a path through the woods

Existing companies and B2B tech startups have a similar problem. How to know that the person you are tapping to expand the business, lead a team into a new market, and otherwise help blaze new trails has the right set of deep skills to be successful? A recent survey by a trade group for universities in the United States shows … Read More