Your Pathfinder Results

This is a snapshot of your Pathfinder results with the Pathfinder modules/values color-coded to represent how you scored against each.
Antonia Kercheva Pathfinder Results
  • Growth Opportunities - these are the modules/values where you definitely fell below the threshold for a Pathfinder. Don't worry, change begins with awareness and we've provided some Helpful Resources in the left hand sidebar that will help you move along the Pathfinder spectrum.
  • Tolerance Zone - these are the modules/values where you scored in the tolerance zone around the Pathfinder threshold. While there is a definite, quantified threshold for Pathfinder performance, the nature of assessments is that there is a trade-off between depth of assessment and accuracy. For this reason, we provide a tolerance for scores around the threshold. Where you have scores in the tolerance zone, check the detail below to see if they're above or below the threshold of 55 and use this as an indicator of growth opportunity/strength to leverage.
  • Strengths to Leverage - these are the modules/values where you clearly exceeded the threshold for a Pathfinder.

This provides more detail on your Pathfinder results and quantifies your score for each module/value.

Your overall Pathfinder score is 72.3 which, together with the fact that you passed all of the modules, makes you a Pathfinder.

Further Commentary

    These results offer you the opportunity to help understand where you are on the Pathfinder spectrum. First of all, note that we're assessing for the modules/values as they pertain to being a Pathfinder. So, for example, if you do not score highly for the value Positive, it doesn't mean you're not a positive person. It does mean you don't have the type of positivity required to be a Pathfinder. You can read more using the sidebar link Pathfinder Modules/Values Explained.

    Whatever your Pathfinder results, it's important to understand that there is no wrong answer.

    Some personality traits have always gained more praise. Extroverts over introverts. Engineers over marketers. Specialists over generalists. Leaders over followers. Concrete thinkers over abstract. People with strong Pathfinder characteristics are not better or worse than others—they just have a different skillset. The fact is, we need each type of person and the strengths they offer for the world and our businesses to work.

    Knowing where you sit on the Pathfinder spectrum will help you decide how suited you are for certain roles. For example, if you're in Sales and attracted by a first sales hire role within a startup, then be aware that that role requires someone with strong Pathfinder characteristics. If that's not you then you're unlikely to be successful.

    Equally, if you have strong Pathfinder characteristics and you see a role that looks attractive in a very traditional, hierarchical organization, then think twice as that rules-based structure will likely be highly uncomfortable for you.

    If, having viewed your results, you want some help moving along the Pathfinder spectrum, then be aware that change begins with the awareness that you now have. You can move along the Pathfinder spectrum with the right support and the Helpful Resources link in the sidebar provides curated links to help you.