Supply Chain Manager - Candidate Pathfinder Results

Below are the Pathfinder assessment results for candidates applying for this position.

Our recommendation is that you use our Pathfinder assessment as an initial filter to identify the strongest Pathfinders and explore their vocational and other qualifications as a secondary step.

Your candidates' results are presented in three ways:

The Pathfinder Ranking shows your candidates ranked by Pathfinder score while highlighting those considered to be Pathfinders now, those who are on the cusp of being a Pathfinder and those who are not Pathfinders.

The Individual Comparison allows you to see the Pathfinder characteristics of two individuals next to one another, thereby, enabling a side-by-side comparison.

The Group Comparison allows you to identify how the cohort and individual candidates perform against each module/value. If you are looking to favor a particular module/value, for example, then this would highlight the strongest candidate for that module/value. Note: don't let this override overall Pathfinder ranking.

Candidate Pathfinder Ranking
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  • Pathfinder - this individual is already considered to be a Pathfinder based on their assessment results.
  • On the cusp of being a Pathfinder - this individual will have scored well across most modules/values but will have one or two areas that need work to move them along the Pathfinder spectrum.
  • Not a Pathfinder - based on their assessment results, this individual is not considered to be a Pathfinder.

Note that it is possible for the score of a Pathfinder to be lower than someone considered to be 'on the cusp'. The Pathfinder may have achieved lower scores across the board while 'passing' each module/value, whereas, the person on the cusp may have scored comparatively higher yet 'failed' a critical value such as self-directed.

Candidate Comparison

Candidates by Module/Value